We Offer Geothermal Design and Installation Services

  • Geothermal Design / Installation

    Designing - Site plans, open versus closed loops, soil information and more.
    Selecting - What to look for in geothermal equipment, including heat pumps, loop pumps, loop fluids and piping.
    Sizing - Sizing requirements for heat exchangers, loop lengths and well pumps.
    Installing - Techniques for installing open and closed loop systems, including pipe joining.
    Operating - Get your geothermal system up and running - and keep it operating efficiently.

  • HERS Rating / Energy Star Certification

    - A home energy rating involves an analysis of a home’s construction plans and onsite inspections. Based on the home’s plans, the Home Energy Rater uses an energy efficiency software package to perform an energy analysis of the home’s design. This analysis yields a projected, pre-construction HERS Index. Upon completion of the plan review, the rater will work with the builder to identify the energy efficiency improvements needed to ensure the house will meet ENERGY STAR performance guidelines. The rater then conducts onsite inspections, typically including a blower door test (to test the leakiness of the house) and a duct test (to test the leakiness of the ducts). Results of these tests, along with inputs derived from the plan review, are used to generate the HERS Index score for the home.

  • Home Energy Audits

    - A home energy audit is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. An audit will show you problems that may, when corrected, save you significant amounts of money over time. During the audit, you can pinpoint where your house is losing energy. Audits also determine the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems. A professional auditor uses a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency of a structure. Thorough audits often use equipment such as blower doors, which measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and various other equipment to reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation.

  • Manual J Load Calculations

    - A Manual J is the standard method for comprehensively calculating residential cooling and heating loads (for each room/area) developed by the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) and the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) based largely on the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineer's (ASHRAE) "Handbook of Fundamentals."

  • Rebate Filing and more...

    We are proud to provide rating services to qualify new homes for the ENERGY STAR® label. ENERGY STAR qualified new homes are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to the minimum code requirements. Even in states with more rigorous energy codes, the U.S. EPA ensures that ENERGY STAR remains the symbol for truly energy-efficient performance. These homes are good for businesses, consumers, and the environment.
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